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Ordering Production Supplies  


Justin Gray
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04/02/2019 2:38 pm  

Hey Fellows!

One thing I have a lot of trouble with is ordering supplies for productions. I find that Shop DOE has a very limited selection when it comes to any costumes, props, or tech. equipment. This usually means that I end up purchasing through one of two ways.

  • Reimbursement through SIP - I hand in my receipts to my purchasing secretary at the end of the month who puts them in for reimbursement. The catch being that we can only SIP up to $250 a month, so many times I have to build up and hold onto receipts. Also, I don't believe this option is available at every school.
  • Vendor Purchases - We can make purchases from licensed DOE vendors, so long as we get bids from at least two other vendors as well. We typically end up ordering from B&H Photo, but there doesn't seem to be a vendor list anywhere, so I have to call places and inquire about their vendor status one at at time.

What do other people do? Are there systems or ways of ordering things through the DOE that helps to eliminate some of the red tape? What vendors do you regularly use? I'd love to know how others have figured out how to work this system!

- Justin


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