The Arthur Miller Foundation provides yearly scholarships to current, licensed Department of Education teachers committed to obtaining their New York State Theater Certification, in order to teach theater in the New York City public school system.

Through this unique seed funding for coursework at the City College of New York's Program in Educational Theatre, the Arthur Miller Foundation demonstrates its significant pledge to increase the number of qualified, licensed theater teachers, thereby broadening the reach of theater education for our NYC public school students.

Our Scholars

D. Malik Beckford

I am interested in getting certified to teach theater in the Department of Education, because theater training has shaped my life and I would like to give back to the population of students from which I derived. I believe in paying it forward and I thoroughly enjoy helping my students achieve their goals in theater and in life. Theatrical education not only trains students for success in the various fields of drama but it also helps foster a strong sense of community, that can help bring light into a world slowly turning dark.

Jaime Beck

Over the past five years, I have been leading a lunchtime drama class and participating in CAT Shakespeare Festival. During that time, I realized that students thrive participating in theater and have pushed for more student theater opportunities. To support this, my principal moved me into a room with a stage and hired another ELA teacher so that my afternoon is free to offer theater for a wider group of students. My intention is to grow an even larger theater program. As of now, my theater classes are the only ones offered by any school in the entire Erasmus building which houses a beautiful auditorium and stage that was once a place where Barbara Streisand performed when she attended. Attaining a dual certificate in theater is absolutely essential to my school's vision so that the students receive theater credits and I can gain the experience to expand the program. 

Rehea Gomez

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

I want to be able to get my theater certification in order to empower my students.  Educational theater gives students a voice – a creative voice to express a side of them that the world rarely sees. I want to use theatre as a change agent, to change the lives of my students both on and off the stage.  Thanks for giving me a chance to do that.

Whitney Fetterhoff

I am interested in getting certified to teach theater because I've recently seen the power it has to bring kids out of their shells and to unite diverse students. I am a middle school ELA teacher with a theater background as a performer, but this year is my first experience doing theater with kids. I am directing Hairspray Junior at my middle school in Jackson Heights and I've seen the most shy kids become comfortable with their own personalities and develop relationships with students and staff members they never would have met in an academic setting… I see such a strong connection between theater and the work I do in ELA and I would love to explore that more. I see theater as a much more creative and differentiated way of approaching the common core literacy standards. I would love to be able to do that during the school day and not under the pressure of a rehearsal schedule.

Amelia Dombrowski

I started on my theater path during elementary school in Chicago and it brought me to NYC for an MFA and a Broadway career. I am now a proud parent of soon-to-be three public school students. There is no doubt in my heart that theater enriches the lives of those who not only get to see it, but MAKE it. As a public school theater teacher, I now want to guide students through their own personal experience of creating theater and expressing themselves through the arts.  I believe it is my civic duty to be an arts advocate for public school students who live in this amazing city but may not have the opportunity to otherwise participate in its cultural riches.