Our Supporters


Arthur Miller Foundation programs are made possible through the generous support of valued sponsors.

AMF would especially like to acknowledge our Premier Sponsor, John Gore, for his commitment and partnership, as we strive to make arts education a right – not a privilege.


The Arthur Miller Foundation Fellows Program is also made possible by funding from New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.


Advisory Council

Arthur Miller Foundation is grateful to its Advisory Council, a select group of individuals who have supported the organization through various initiatives at key stages of growth.

John Gore
George Sheanshang
Sara Steinwess
Scott Zeiger

Founders Circle

Arthur Miller Foundation Founders Circle is comprised of arts advocates who championed our mission from inception, and supported us in bringing the organization to life.

Lisa Bernstein
Lisa Blau
Elen Callahan
Laura DeMare
ICM Partners
Brian Kenet
Andrea Leung
Amanda Lipitz
Christine Mack
Jillian Manus
Daniel C. Penn
Barbara Ricci
Janine Smith
Nicholas S.G. Stern
Jessica Walker
Marianne Wolk

Founding Director

Manus + Co was instrumental in the creation of our arts education programs. We are grateful that they helped to launch our organization at a critical time in the arts education movement, and are proud of the early progress that was made under their guidance.